Making of GAMES OF GREED – Spielarten der Gier (Trailer)
Games of Greed · 09. März 2023
«Games of Greed» - "Spielarten der Gier" ist nach dem weltweiten Erfolg von «Von Tulpen zu Bitcoins» der neue Bestseller von Torsten Dennin. Der Morgen dämmert in ungewöhnlich hellem grau. Es hatte geschneit in Berlin. Es ist Montag, der 6. Februar 2023: Drehtermin für den Trailer von «Games of Greed».

Book Talk GAMES OF GREED – Spielarten der Gier
Games of Greed · 23. Februar 2023
Von Krypto-Scams, Schneeballsystemen und geheimen Konten. Nach «Lukrative Rohstoffmärkte», «Afrika. Kontinent der Chancen», und dem internationalen Erfolg von «Von Tulpen zu Bitcoins» über die größten Spekulationen und Finanzblasen wendet sich Torsten Dennin mit «Games of Greed» nun den Themen Gier und Betrug zu.

The Economy, Money, Gold, and Bitcoin
10. September 2022
The interest rate regime has shifted, all asset classes post hurtfull losses in 2022. Time to talk about the state of economy, money, gold, and bitcoin.

Commodities. Market Outlook for Commodities 2022
07. Juni 2022
Commodity Markets. The full 30 minutes big picture on Russia, Corona, and the Inflation Wheel. Presentation of Commodity Trends and market outlook at the edge of the green energy revolution and the end of the carbon age at INVEST and at Deutsche Goldmesse.

02. April 2022
Recommended Movies and Books for the Book "Games of Greed"

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26. November 2021
Torsten Dennin. Stock market valuations are at their all-time highs of the last 200 years. In light of this ongoing stock market rally, gold seems to have lost its shine. Young investors, in particular, are tech-savvy, exchanging academic literature for YouTube channels and TikTok, trading meme stocks like GameStop, and are into crypto. Did Gold become an old man’s game? Or is a new generation of gold investors just getting ready?

#EconView. Corona and the Stock Market
18. Februar 2021
European Economies in Lock Down, and more than 500,000 people died in USA alone related to COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. Equity markets focus on government help and vaccination. Looking forward, which asset classes will be on the winner side, and which assets better to avoid? Check out the video of Dukascopy TV done by Jochen Staiger of Swiss Resource Capital AG and Prof. Dr. Torsten Dennin of Asset Management Switzerland AG!

08. August 2019
Rising global debts, rising global risks, falling interest rates, as well as tumbling equity markets. Investors are looking for real values to protect wealth. This article dives into precious metal investment opportunities.

26. Juni 2019
It is summer time! The timing is perfect to update yourself on the way to manage your personal wealth. Three books might help you in particular: "Principles", "A Random Walk Down Wallstreet", and "From Tulips to Bitcoins".

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