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Founded 2016 in Zug, one of the two major spots of international commodity trading in Switzerland, Lynkeus Capital looks back on 15 years of professional financial investment expertise. In addition to the general capital markets experience the realization dawned that the fall in commodity prices since 2011 opened up exceptional investment opportunities in commodity-related asset classes such as stocks, bonds and currencies.


Analysis and Consulting

Fundamental market research is the key to investment performance as it is an eccential tool to develop a long term markt view. Quantitative modelling and filtering helps to concentrate on the really important decissions.

Consulting services are following a holeistic aproach.

Commodities and Cryptos

In particular, the expertise of Lynkeus Capital in the natural resources segment covers the stocks and bonds of commodity-producing companies, the currencies of commodity-producing countries, as well as commodity futures and options.

Since 2019, Lynkeus Capital is enganged in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Experts in Finance. Committed to Cryptos and Commodities.

Vision. Lynkeus Capital follows the claim to identify outstanding investment opportunities over time. Exceptional success is not achieved by mainstream.

Experts in Finance. Committed to Cryptos and Commodities.

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